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What people have said about their experience of working with me

People come to me for all sorts of reasons. People generally report developing more fulfilling relationships (or ending toxic ones), finding career doors opening, feeling more confident, having more control over their lives, feeling peaceful, feeling truly comfortable with who they are. They feel healthier and happier in so many areas of life.

"I have never worked with someone I trusted so much and felt so safe with and have learned so much from." (Theresa, Executive Coach, Milton Keynes)

"Thank you - for your patience, warmth and respect for me; for sharing your wisdom and gentle guidance to help me build a better relationship with my body and my soul; for your acceptance, love and support. Thank you for allowing me to be completely me. I am a changed woman thanks to you!" (Rachel, Personal Assistant, Croydon)

"I take the gift of understanding myself, really hearing myself and meeting my own needs into the rest of my life. May you continue to offer your gifts in therapy to others with such a generous spirit." (Suzie, Life coach, Leatherhead)

"I really liked the mix of the physical bodywork and more gestalt-style therapy. It allowed healing of aspects of me that I didn't even realize were hurting! I can now feel joy in exercise and physical activity that was only a chore before. I feel more in control of my own life, including my emotional life and responses. I feel more able to listen to myself, understand what I need and get my needs met. I feel less stuck and understand why I have experienced feeling very stuck in the past and how to get free. I feel free to be myself!!! And I like myself more the way I am, I see myself more realistically with both strengths and weaknesses. I feel excited, happy and contented some of the time as well as sad and angry and nervous - more of the full range of human emotion. Pretty amazing. Thank you Richard!" (Daisie, Social worker, Hackney)

"There are no words to explain how your professional knowledge, kindness and sharing of your time have impacted on my capacity to cope. I never thought I would ever see my divorce as the luckiest escape of my life, but I sit here now very much looking forward to the future." (Leanne, Edinburgh)

"Thank you for accompanying me along this journey of realisations and discoveries! You do this job with love and passion. Big hug!" (Sofia, Tutor, North London)

"I had trapped myself, going up a one-way street, and I was in a real crisis. Deep Bodywork was a new territory for me, and I admit that at the beginning I had some doubts about doing physical bodywork with a male therapist. But during our work there were never any misunderstandings, and I never had any fear around physical touch and sexual boundaries. I felt heard and understood. You helped me realise in a very sensitive way just what had been going on and I started to see things for what they really were. You showed me there were other ways. You gave me permission to be in my body - and it was priceless to do that and not be hard on myself or feel guilty. Compared to other therapists I have seen in the past, everything felt much more real, genuine and authentic. Once I discovered the power of this type of work, I wanted more! It opened a window to so many possibilities and explorations... The experience was most refreshing, eye-opening and very effective. It was really great working with you." (Bella, Teacher, Haringey)

"During our very first session I realised that you were different and that I didn't have to pretend - what a relief!" (Robin, Manager, Epsom)

"Life is still full of challenges, but I feel more emotionally equipped to deal with them. I will always be grateful to you, although I do recall some resistance to your wisdom at times - especially if it was regarding change!" (Tula, Social worker, Streatham Vale)

"Thanks for witnessing with so much care and love. I will always be very grateful for your help in the past years - the most challenging of my adult life. It's weird not to see you any more. It's great, it's empowering, it's a new future. I will miss you. You have given me what no-one in my own family or in my world have been able to. You have reached a hand to me in the darkness. You have held me, have cared, and allowed my fears to free up. You have been a steady support and have brought me great love. I will never forget our journey. Muchas gracias." (Camila, Artist, Spain)

"I was experiencing a feeling that something had died in me. A move to a new home, end of a job I loved and problems with my new place were causing me stress and ill health. I was feeling very stuck, isolated and unable to care for myself. I was in need of guidance to help me shift out of stagnation. I have previously had one to one psychotherapy and group therapy, but have not usually felt safe enough explore the impact of particular negative experiences. Knowing what 'heavy' emotions I sometimes carry, I was curious to see how the sessions would unfold.

The physicality of Postural Integration meant difficult feelings were approached through the body rather than the mind. You were very skilled at finding the way to help me access those feelings and I experienced your response to the intense emotions that came up as sincere, present and authentically non-judgmental. As there was no awkwardness when I expressed things that were really difficult and there was none of the strange atmospheres I have felt in the past when attempting cope with these feelings, I learned it REALLY was safe to talk about anything that came up in the sessions and there REALLY was no judgment. I felt I did not need to protect you from my bad feelings because you could handle them and they did not shock you. I felt I could tell you anything. This acceptance was very healing. My energy levels have much improved as has my physical health and I am now able to take better care of myself. Mentally I feel loads better, much more positive and forward looking... You gave me effective new techniques to help with difficult feelings... I would most definitely recommend you to other people." (Deirdre, Lecturer, Gospel Oak)

"You have kind hands." (Mei, Shiatsu therapist, Wimbledon)

"I continue to experience benefits from the therapy. I am learning to listen and attend to my body: its tone and voice. To be aware of subtler levels of energies and tensions held physically. It has encouraged me to inhabit and respect my body's needs/voice. In being more connected with my body I feel I have begun to better balance thoughts and feelings experienced with my body. I sense a better harmony in myself, in part by giving the neglected body the attention it needs. I am very pleased that I embarked on what felt at the outset a very daunting journey. I can say that Richard was an excellent guide." (Jawad, Full-time parent & trainee therapist, Brixton)

"Thanks so much for treatment yesterday, it certainly made me fall in love with Pulsing.....well the way you do it anyway! I felt so grounded and calm and really peaceful... Came home and literally went to bed without the huge binge that would be normal for me at the end of a busy day. Slept so well - it took me back to those nights that I felt really safe and comforted after a bedtime story from dad - and trust me that is a huge compliment. You have no idea how nice it feels to trust I am in the right place at the right time with a way of working and a person I trust." (Libby, CEO, Richmond)