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Supervision for therapists

Coaching & mentoring for students

Helping you make the best of your practice

I believe that what makes a good therapist is not simply the quality of their training in psychotherapy and counselling, but the depth and range of their personal and professional exploratons and their lived experience. Over the years I have explored a wide range of practices in the field of healing and personal development:

  • Reichian therapy
  • Psychotherapeutic bodywork
  • Somatics & Embodiment
  • Gestalt
  • Trauma therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Groupwork
  • Holistic bodywork
  • Subtle energy
  • Esoteric practices (Tantra, ritual, transpersonal)
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful self-compassion
  • Positive psychology

I am not bound by a limited mindset and have an extensive toolkit of skills, knowledge and experience to draw upon to help you develop further as a practitioner.


I offer supervision to therapists, counsellors and others who use counselling or relational skills in their practice, such as coaches. The style of supervision used is something we can discuss and agree according to your needs.

Coaching & mentoring

For student bodyworkers or qualified practitioners seeking further professional development I offer coaching and mentoring sessions in various forms of bodywork, somatics and embodiment practices. Possibilities include the following:

Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork

As one of the few Master Practitioners of Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork in the world, I offer coaching & mentoring to professionals who are training or are recently qualified in Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork. These sessions are particularly useful in helping you establish a deep felt sense of the different flows, rhythms and styles of Pulsing. I can also provide refreshers on the core movements and training in advanced strokes. Whatever support you need in your current training, or if you have previously trained in Pulsing but feel rusty and in need of some refresher tuition, I am happy to help. These sessions are also open to massage therapists and others who wish to bring some rhythm into their bodywork approach. These sessions will count towards CPD credits, but please note that these sessions do not constitute formal training in Pulsing.

Postural Integration

I offer coaching and refresher sessions for people who have trained in Postural Integration and feel the need to do stroke revision or become more practiced in other areas of the work.

Massage for students

Your practice models are usually drawn from friends & family, who will generally tell you "it was very nice." The practice is essential, but the lack of informed feedback makes it something of a lost opportunity. I offer myself as a practice client who will help you make the most of your training. I will be able to tell you exactly whether you are performing the strokes correctly, inform you of options and give you advice on the most important factor - connection with the client.

Bodywork - advanced topics

I offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions to both professional & trainee bodyworkers, in topics such as energetic connection, emotional and psychological self-care and boundaries.


I also offer sessions to talk-based therapists (counsellors, psychotherapists, life coaches, etc) who have an interest in somatic psychology or wish to integrate somatic approaches into their existing work.

Other possibilities

I am qualified in many bodywork and subtle energy modalities, all of which inform my practice. So if you're looking for something else in terms of coaching, mentoring or advanced tuition, feel free to call or email me.