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Vibrant and energising, relaxing and nurturing, pleasurable and playful, meditative and healing - Pulsing is a delight to give and a joy to receive.


Pulsing is a transformational bodywork, a rhythmic body therapy that is possibly one of the very best forms of bodywork, and certainly one of the most enjoyable. This Reichian bioenergetic bodywork helps you connect to your embodied self, release physical tension and emotional stress, let go of old patterns and discover a more authentic way of being. It is perhaps unique in the field of somatics in being touch-based, movement-based and emotion-focussed.

Pulsing uses a continuous rocking of the whole body to encourage the receiver to release both the superficial holding of everyday muscular tension and the chronic holding of body armour. The wave-like rhythm brings a sense of ease and flow, encouraging the receiver to accept support and nurturing, to surrender to the motion and release their habitual control of the body's natural impulses.

Pulsing rhythmic bodywork

Within this matrix of continuous rocking, the limbs are stretched, lifted, shaken, rotated and swung to encourage the whole body to open up. Different rhythms may be explored, from the slow and meditative to the dynamic and exciting. This allows you to experience unfamiliar states or engage with ones you habitually block, while being safely held. It grants you permission to connect with feelings and sensations, to release physical tension and emotional stress and attune to your natural flow of your energy and power.

The training is primarily hands-on learning. Short demonstration sessions are followed by supervised practice in pairs, during which you will receive one-to-one coaching on technique and good practice. There will also be teaching sessions on theory with the opportunity for questions and group discussion. The groups are small and friendly, with no more than 8 participants.

This training is a great way of immersing yourself into an experience of this delightful bodywork. It is ideal for:

  • Individuals on a journey of self-discovery & change
  • People wanting to explore embodiment
  • Therapists & counsellors interested in the therapeutic use of touch
  • Bodyworkers & healers wanting to add a new modality to their skillset

Course Dates

The training is run on an annual basis, and consists of 3 modules totalling 8 days. Applications are for the 3 modules within the calendar year. It is not possible to split attendance across different years.

Please note that 2025 is likely to be the final year that I run the practitioner foundation course. I will be running a Master course in 2026 to train the next generation of teachers, and this will only be open to those who have completed the foundation course.



The Pulsing prospectus contains full details of the training. To avoid any misunderstandings, please read it fully before booking.
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How to apply

As the training group is small, it is likely that there will be more applicants than places, so please do not apply unless you are certain that you can attend all the training dates. Priority will be given to those who were on the waiting list from last year.

To book one-day practitioner skills workshops, please email me to express your interest. For all main trainings, please follow the instructions below.

Please complete the online application form. On receipt I will contact you to arrange a video call so that I can ensure that the training is suitable for you. Once I have confirmed your place, you will be asked to make your payment. Your place is not guaranteed until full payment has been received. The booking is for all 3 modules within the same year, and there are no additional costs. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions included in the Prospectus.
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Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork

About this training

Pulsing was created in the late 1970s by Curtis Turchin, a bodywork practitioner from the USA. In 1978 he gave a demonstration of Pulsing at the Open Centre in London, and returned the following year to run a formal training. Two of the participants - Silke Ziehl and Guy Gladstone - developed this practice and began to offer their own trainings; as far as I am aware, they were the only people worldwide who did this. I undertook my basic Pulsing training with Guy Gladstone, and later a Master training with Silke Ziehl. For many years I assisted Guy Gladstone on his trainings, and when he retired he placed the programme in my hands.

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Pulsing rhythmic bodywork training

You can get much more information on Pulsing, including the history of Pulsing, articles by top practitioners and a UK & Ireland directory of therapists, on the Pulsing Association website.

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